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Complete CO2 System
The complete CO2 kit allows you to introduce measured amounts of CO2 into the grow room. Introducing CO2 to the grow room maximizes yield substantially. The CO2 system comes complete with: -2 gage pressure regulator. -solenoid shut-off valve. -Digital CO2 air controller.
Price: $900
Italian CO2 Pressure Regulator
This high quality, Italian made dual gage CO2 pressure regulator connects to a CO2 tank and allows you to regulate CO2 levels manually and with great precision.
Price: $150
Solenoid Shut-Off Valve
By connecting this electronic gas valve to a timer you can adjust CO2 injections as needed to the grow room.
Price: $110
Air Sense CO2 digital controller.
The CO2 controller can regulate CO2 injections into the grow room by pre-inserted values (ppm). The controller can be order already mounted in a timer combined electricity box for best results. Introducing CO2 to your grow room maximizes yield substantially.
Price: $450